State-run CBC cited by CRTC for showing primetime pornography – should lose license

I’ve long used this space to expose the various incidents of the state-run media —the CBC’s— obsession with sex and pornography and nudity, and have made many references to those incidents in my effort to wake Canadians up to the insanity of having a state run, state-owned and state-funded media in a modern free society.  It is also clear to me that they’re a far-left, biased outfit promoting a far-left agenda. 

I have long maintained that the state-owned and state-run media should be banned in this country, and that notion enshrined in our constitution. 

Now maybe they have decided to write their own obituary and save me the trouble of having to watch them for more examples.  (Why would it surprise anyone that they’d be in favor of suicide or euthanasia?)

French CBC Cited for Prime Time Porn, May Jeopardize License Renewal

Obscene material to the hours of 9PM to 6AM

By Peter J. Smith

OTTAWA, October 29, 2007 ( – Federal broadcasting regulators have blamed the state-funded Canadian Broadcasting Commission (CBC) for airing pornography during a prime-time program on its French television network.

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) reprimanded the CBC on Tuesday for broadcasting on April 26 the French program “Fric Show” at 7:30 PM, despite the particular episode’s focus on pornography-related issues, at a time when children could be exposed to its content.

According to the Canadian Press, the CRTC found the episode’s scenes of “women nude in front and back” and “explicit sexual intercourse” justified the complaints of parents that the CBC had in fact aired pornography during prime-time and far before the “watershed hour” of 9PM, when government regulators agree to turn a blind eye toward programmed indecency.

The CBC had responded by saying they had issued warnings three times during “Fric Show’s” broadcast, but the CRTC insisted that the CBC action “does not excuse the damage that may be caused by the broadcast” and warned that the CBC must abide by regulations which restrict obscene material to the hours of 9PM to 6AM.

One viewer had demanded the CRTC investigate the program, asking for “a bit of respect for the children,” who usually are not asleep at that hour.

While the CRTC has not issued any sanctions upon the CBC, it has informed the public-broadcaster that it will bring up the matter at the moment the CBC applies to renew its broadcasting licence. However, the network’s tolerance for prime time porn may finally provide an impetus for the Conservative government to deprive the CBC of its government funding and force it to compete with other broadcasters for Canadians attention.

In the past, the CBC has offended Christian groups, especially Catholics, with shows like “The Altar Boy Gang” featuring a group of Montreal altar servers who use their role in the parish to cover up their involvement in the drug trade and abuse Holy Communion as snack food and poker chips ( or its 2000 production of “Our Daily Bread”, which depicted a woman feeding Holy Communion to a dog. However, it has shown deference to Islamic groups over programs such as “Little Mosque on the Prairie.”

Last year the CBC also re-ran a program segment covering a Toronto-based dating agency specializing in “hooking up” people who are already married or in “committed relationships,” for extra-marital sex on Valentine’s Day, originally a Christian feast day celebrating marital fidelity (

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Here’s a link to one of my more recent posts about sex/nudity/pornography on the sate-run media.  The blog entry has several links to other blog entries I’ve made on the same subject.  Some are downright shocking.

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