CBC.ca accepts paid ads from “man-made global warming” culprits

Walk the walk, buckies. 

If you’re so damn concerned about all the bad bad bad “carbon footprints” and “man-made global warming” is, as we’re told to believe, the most important crisis in our lifetimes, and you constantly run left-wing enviro-freak-out religion documentaries, and bash the “deniers” in big, flashy, well-advertised documentaries on your vast information network, and presume to provide idiotic household enviro-tips on TV as though you have a clue and really give a crap, then why do you accept huge banner-ads on your multi-gazillion-dollar web site promoting the most egregious, unnecessary emissions of all—jet travel to southern climes just for fun?


To paraphrase Bjorn Lomborg in his latest book Cool It: the Skeptical Environmentalist’s Guide to Global Warming, liberal media that carry travel offers to faraway destinations and ads for cars, cheap flights and energy-intensive consumer products are hypocrites.  If these people really took the global-warming threat seriously, they would stop accepting ads for all the trappings of the “good life.” The failure to do so illustrates total hypocrisy and in my words, “scientifically proves” just how bogus those people are.

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