CBC columnist: our “unfortunate neighbours” in America are “denied treatment if they are poor”

The liberals’ state-run media has engaged a cadre of liberal-leftist “columnists” to help what they at the CBC already do themselves;  inform Canadians about the way to think “properly”, which is apparently like socialists and what the communist Lenin called “useful idiots”. It’s working!  The people they’ve managed to employ as opinion columnists on their Web site appear to have been brought up watching and listening to and reading only CBC material all their nanny-state nurtured lives.  That’s “progressive” in action!

(I’ve posed the question about why Canada’s state-run media web site would employ opinion columnists, in my new It’s A Question forum.  So far, it’s really sparking the imagination of folks, as nearly 8 people have taken the time to engage in it. I imagine at this rate, fully 11 people will have bothered to exercise their outrage within the next year.) 

Here’s a sentence in the latest offering of wisdom and agenda-pushing from a CBC opinionator named Mare Ellen Lang (whose claim to fame, according to her brief bio on the people’s web site, appears to be that she’s alive):

“…Canada is justly proud of its medical system. People in this country expect equal and universal access to health care. Unlike our unfortunate neighbours to the south, Canadians aren’t denied treatment if they are poor, and they are unlikely to go bankrupt if their insurance runs out … I am sure no one in this country would want to see universal health care disintegrate into anything like the uneven maze that middle class and poor Americans must deal with.”

—Mary Ellen Lang column at the state-run state-owned state information and how-to-think web site

“Canada is justly proud of its medical system,” she reports as if authoritatively.  There are several problems with that sentence: manifestly that it’s pure bunkum.  The World Health Organization ranks Canada’s healthcare system 30th best in the world, including all the 28 other countries with universal healthcare systems.  The only thing Canadians are “justly” or “proud of” is an illusion—a lie, foisted on us by the likes of her and other useful idiots. 

“Unfortunate neigbours”?  Canadians and people from all over the world flock to the U.S. when they really need treatment.  We’re fortunate to have America as our fortunate neighbors.  As our own ProudToBeCanadian columnist Mike Adams wrote in one of the columns I posted at this web site this week in order to compete against the leftist ideology of the state-run media web site and its state-employed leftist columnists,

“A Canadian-style health care system in America would… impede the ability of Canadians to make important health care choices … Rather than suffer needlessly for months as they await an MRI or an appendectomy, many “choose” to come to the United States for better health care. If we go the route of Canadian health care, where will countless suffering Canadians go? Mexico?”

Mike S. Adams column at private citizen-owned and run ProudToBeCanadian web site

Those of us in the sensible set don’t worry about Canada adopting what is always described by the left as an evil “American-style” healthcare system.  We worry about Canada maintaining its North Korean-style healthcare system.  North Korea is the only other country in the world in which citizens are prevented, by law, from using their own money to pay for their own and their own family’s basic health care.  As I understand it, communist Cuba recently changed their law against that in order to advance their burgeoning private health care industry which is reserved for foreigners only.  (You’d think they’d grab a clue from its success, but sadly they’re much like Canada in that regard… stuck on “stupid”… or what liberals call “progressive”…)

“Canadians aren’t denied treatment if they are poor”.  Neither are Americans.  So this is a lie.  In fact, illegal immigrants who not only don’t have insurance, but aren’t even Americans, aren’t “denied treatment” either. Border states currently spend countless billions treating Mexican illegals.  In actual fact, the United States government spends more, per capita, on healthcare than Canada does.  In America, the poor—all poor—get state-funded medical treatment by way of Medicaid.  The elderly are supported through state-funded Medicare.  It’s precisely when you AREN’T poor (or elderly) that you need to buy your own health insurance on your own, or as most do, they get it through their employer.  Others exercise their free choice and choose not to bother insuring.  A huge percentage of uninsured are 20-somethings who aren’t married, and who thus choose higher take-home pay than medical insurance—and I understand that’s a right that people there have. Others are illegal immigrants, or between jobs. There’s more lies surrounding this “uninsured” issue than just about any other.

Perpetuating lies and fostering a dishonest debate about Canada’s decrepit, North Korean-style healthcare system by constantly and deceitfully blathering on and on with their “Americans are dying and going bankrupt!” bromides, and comparing our “justly proud” system to the American system using trumped-up statistics borrowed directly from Michael Moore-style far leftists’ political talking points —is what Canada’s left now shamefully subsists on, because that’s all they’ve got.  They know they’ve invested all their political capital in the success of the what is now clearly a nearly total failure—an ideology foisted on Canadians by socialists.  And so they resort to lies and deception and obfuscation. 

The state-run CBC’s job (aside from dismantling itself) should be to play that “honest broker” card they’re always on about when it comes to our country fighting wars against savage Islamofascist terrorists.  Instead, they chose to foster the opposite with their incessant “useful idiot” information stream.  (Of course state-run and state-owned media is also inherently North Korean-style, so how could I expect them to foster any such debate?) 

Despite the left’s mendacity, nearly nobody I’ve ever known or whose reports I’ve ever read has ever suggested that the full answer to Canada’s healthcare woes are rooted in directly mimicking the American system, which nonetheless is arguably the best in the world as demonstrated by their own results and our own frequent use of their health facilities when we really need them. Yet this is what CBC columnists like Mary Ellen Lang perpetuate.  On our dime. 

These people fear allowing private enterprise into the healthcare system because they know it would fix the system.  They don’t want a great healthcare system.  They want a socialist healthcare system.  They are helping the left-wing CBC drive their agenda. 

State-run and state-owned media should be banned in this country, and that notion enshrined in our constitution.


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