“Harper alone!”—CBC says in scare headline. Then admits he’s not alone. Then they repeat it.

While terrorist hotspots Pakistan and Lebanon are now both in states of emergency, and the Taliban are killing or trying to kill soldiers of Commonwealth countries as we speak, so that they can then launch more terrorist attacks on western nations just like 9/11, the liberal media and the Commonwealth leaders are blathering about the weather. Canada’s state-run CBC declares in its headline: “Harper alone on climate change at Commonwealth summit”

image  Oh my.  (The only way to get liberals’ attention on terrorism is if you convince them terrorists all smoke cigarettes while driving their camels with their kids riding on the rear hump).  … “Harper alone!”—and of course he’s not even.  The CBC is exactly wrong even on that point, and they know it, and admit it.  Australia’s PM John Howard joins Harper in opposing idiotic unrealistic ideologically-based airy-fairy but binding targets, making it a block of two of the three most powerful nations in the Commonwealth.  But it fits the anti-Harper CBC agenda to say “Harper alone!”.  They even repeat it in a bolded sub-headline half-way through: 


He’s still not alone even half-way through the article, of course. The CBC thinks you’re so stupid that if they repeat total bunkum often enough, you’ll believe it. 

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