Canada’s Left saddened by socialist loss in Venezuela

People don’t believe me when I say the liberals in the media noticeably sneer and emit an audible disgust when they say the words George Bush or Stephen Harper or Christian or freedom or capitalism in their “news” reports.  But as I keep proving, I think it’s true.
I was working and listening to the state-run CBC Newsworld channel—OK that was redundant—when a story came on about the rabidly anti-Bush communist Hugo Chavez (a supporter of whom the CBC just recently prominently presented as a news item!) and his socialist referendum loss in Venezuela.  The “news” anchor, Nancy (“very interesting!”) Wilson sounded so sad! 

Then a story came on about the new Australian Prime Minister signing onto the stupid (my word—shocka!) Kyoto accord as his first order of leftist Labour Party business.  She sounded so happy!  So I reviewed my recording and sure enough, she looked every bit the part.

Big loss for a socialist.  Sad face … image
image image

Australia signs Kyoto!  Big happy face! … image
image image



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