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CTV skids along on its colon and a “fake” story; CBC demonstrates too: it’s about ending capitalism

How about this headline instead:  Joel Johannesen: ‘Climate science’, pretty fake! CTV does another one of those headlines that agenda-driving media provides its audience.  Somebody said something they really wish they could say themselves, but they can’t because they’re still operating under the pretense that they’re a fair and balanced objective “news” source instead of […]

ClimateGate continues; liberal media makes it worse: touts 1700 scientists signing new document…

… but once again lies through omission of facts. They leave out important facts —now being uncovered about even that new document — which shows still more coercion in the “scientific” community; more non-science fascist-style bully tactics, and manifestly, total BS un-science.  Which makes a total joke of their news story.  It in fact makes […]

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