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Bell buys 100% of the #1 network, CTV, for the same amount the gov gives state-owned CBC every year

At least Bell gets something for its 1.3 billion-dollar investment… and it is an actual investment.  The progressives’ very own state-owned CBC left-wing media empire and socialism-boosting conglomerate couldn’t be worth more than CTV, which is by far the number one network in Canada in terms of viewership and prime-time ratings, including its news programs, […]

State-owned CBC’s politics “news” “analysts”: Left-Wing Nobodies. To learn ya ‘bout politics!

As usual, for the education of Canadians in the state-owned CBC’s quest to turn them into even bigger and dumber left-wing, progressive, Obama-luvin’ sycophants and Republican-haters, they once again (for the approximately 8.000th time, most of them documented here at PTBC —do a search!) employed, for our nation’s political education needs, a far-leftist expert political […]

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