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Let’s get a couple of things straight: (1) abortion is not solely about “religion”…

1.  I’ve stated and re-stated this fact for years, here at PTBC:  Abortion is the most disgusting, most egregious thing ever thought of by humans.  I’ve never, ever quoted a passage from the Bible, nor made any reference between abortion and Christianity.  Never.  No, not once.  Ever. Not that there’s anything wrong with quoting passages […]

CBC.ca’s pro-abortion commenters re Morgentaler: like a festival of abject hate and intolerance

Reading the state-owned, state-run CBC.ca web site’s comments from their beloved CBC-luvin’ readers is like wading into a cesspool of left-wing atheist hate, intolerance, and anti-Christian bile.  (One commenter’s member “profile” on the state-owned web site indicates “Favourite News Topic: USA Bashing”). But don’t worry, all comments are, and I quote, “pre-moderated/reviewed”, so these are […]

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