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State-owned CBC’s politics “news” “analysts”: Left-Wing Nobodies. To learn ya ‘bout politics!

As usual, for the education of Canadians in the state-owned CBC’s quest to turn them into even bigger and dumber left-wing, progressive, Obama-luvin’ sycophants and Republican-haters, they once again (for the approximately 8.000th time, most of them documented here at PTBC —do a search!) employed, for our nation’s political education needs, a far-leftist expert political […]

CBC banners: “BOOSTING OBAMA” and “OBAMA’S BIG DAY”—even while discussing McCain

State-run CBC continues its obsession with Obama —as all the Canadian liberal-left media has done since day one—in its New Hampshire Primary coverage today, at which (in actual fact) both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party are tendering their candidates.  Even when talk turns to Republican candidates, the CBC banner continues to read: “BOOSTING […]

Canadian media covers the DEMOCRATIC PARTY side of the Iowa caucuses

UPDATE:  Added feedback, below, from the official state tech expert, the state-run media’s Jess Hirsh (or jess hirsh—sans capitalization—as he types it in his email’s signature). I already mentioned the Iowa Caucuses that are taking place today south of the line.  But the Canadian liberals’ news media coverage of it here is hilariously biased, at […]

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