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The CBC Waste-o-Meter is calculated based on $1.1 BILLION per year of taxpayer support, which represents direct annual “government” (taxpayer) funding of that government operation which they insulting pretend is a regular “corporation” even in its name.

We should really add a conservative guess of an addition $100 MILLION in taxpayer funding of the “arts” and “entertainment” and “documentaries” and other taxpayer-subsidized programming that the state-owned, state-funded CBC then buys with our $1.1 BILLION. The CBC boasts of presenting lots of made-in-Canada programs, but using reasonable assumptions based on sober analysis and observation and anecdotal evidence, it seems nearly no such programing is created in Canada without itself getting Canadian taxpayer funding in the form of loans, grants, tax credits, or other such subsidies.

And the additional value of legal, regulatory, and other anti-competitive protections given to the CBC — is simply incalculable, but must surely measure in the several millions.

Beyond the direct federal funding (currently $1.1Billion), the $100 Million which we really should all add to that does not represent the total cost to Canadians. There is also the incalculable cost to the state-owned CBC’s competitors in terms of their loss of advertising dollars. Also, the cost of competitive bids to secure programing such as NHL games and the Olympics, which the CBC bids up using taxpayer dollars, is impossible to estimate, but surely mammoth.

What kind of government competes against its own citizens this way? Particularly in the forum of ideas, and politics, and the delivery of news, which informs citizens as to its voting preferences. Think about it.

State-owned and state-funded media should be banned in Canada, and that notion should be enshrined in our constitution.


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